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Life & Faith: from "This is it?" to "This is it!"

We often settle for “This is it?” in our life and faith when we can experience “This is it!” It takes one step.

They think you should read the book:


In Life & Faith, my friend Casey Ross provides readers with a clear and practical approach to following Jesus, which makes our lives better and makes us better at life. And it makes the lives of those around us better as well. Whether you’re new to faith or a veteran Jesus follower, you will find Life & Faith a valuable resource.


I remember the first time I ever met Casey, I simply threw out the question “What is the best way to disciple people?” His eyes got big and a smile came over his face. He said, “I don’t know the answer today, but I want to find out.” Casey is a caring leader who loves to be in the messiness of people’s lives and help them deepen their faith in Jesus. I can’t wait for you to dive into his book!


Way too many people end up feeling like Christianity isn’t exactly what they hoped for. Or is it? In this book, Casey Ross will help you rethink some key issues that can help you own your faith on a deeper level.

Dee Ann

We were called to live an abundant life. Casey Ross explains how to tap into an abundant faith-filled life that transcends present circumstances. Using his own experiences as a leader and pastor, Casey provides a path to finding or even rediscovering the joy and excitement of our daily walk with Christ.


I’ve known Casey for many years now and he has never settled. He keeps moving forward knowing with each step he’s closer to “This is it!” The same is true for you and in this book he shows you how.


This is it?! Many of us have felt that something was not quite right in our life. And too many of us have responded in very unhelpful ways to that feeling. In his new book, Life & Faith, my friend Casey Ross writes with humor and clarity about faith, humans, and the relatable yearning for more in this messy and beautiful thing called life. This book reminds us that life is a series of steps and at any point, you are bound to stumble and even fall. However, Casey offers helpful suggestions on how to confidently take the essential steps toward a life that does not disappoint you.


Casey’s book is for anyone who has ever wondered, “This is it?” about their life and faith. You don’t have to settle for disappointment. In his relatable style, Casey provides a practical way to experience life and faith in ways that make them hopeful and meaningful while benefiting those around you.


The first time I saw Casey I recall a look on his face that seemed to ask, This is it? There wasn’t the least hint of disrespect. It was genuine interest. Soon I saw a young man of perception and depth with a humble heart for service and an unwavering and attractive faith. That was more than three decades ago. Casey, now a husband and father who has served in strategic ministries across the Southeast, has taken that long ago This is it? and now declares This is it! His message is a good one, a wise one, a fun — and funny — one. But most of all, Life & Faith will take you from simply settling for a life of faith to seizing each day for Christ.


I met Casey Ross in 2013 and immediately knew that I wanted to be his friend. It wasn’t because of his stunning good looks or engaging personality, but because he was humble, funny, smart, and had something to say that was worth listening to. I recommend Life & Faith because Casey is worth listening to.


There is rarely a day that passes that I don’t find myself applying a lesson learned from Casey Ross. Not only is he such a great people leader that I worked for him twice, but he is also a dad, husband, and pastor that leaves everyone better because they crossed his path. I have no doubt that this book will continue that trend of leaving people better because of Casey!


What I love most about Life & Faith is it is Casey, through and through. Casey Ross is a leader and writer who, using both personal stories and Scripture, walks you to the edge of a bottomless pool, the one you have only wished you had the guts to jump into, then dives in first, returning to the surface to tell you how great the water is! You can’t help but want that kind of faith. Each chapter includes questions and suggestions for next steps, guiding the reader towards the “This is it!” life and faith we’ve all longed for. I loved it and look forward to going through it again, this time with a friend!


In this book, Casey Ross has insightfully and vulnerably identified real issues at the heart of Western Christ-followers, and courageously challenged the status quo with authenticity, humility, and practicality. Whether you are a long-standing Christ-follower, or new to faith in Jesus, reading this book will encourage you to own your life and faith reality, and move forward with purpose and vibrancy. It will also leave feeling like you’ve made a great new friend.”


All of us could use a little help placing more trust in Jesus. In his book, Casey encourages each of us to be more intentional in growing our faith by taking one more step.


I believe the best authors write a story using stories. That is exactly was Casey Ross has done with Life & Faith. Casey is a great writer, and an even better storyteller, which makes the reader feel like he or she is sitting down with the author and having a great conversation over a cup of coffee. In this day and time where we can all relate to having a complicated life, Casey draws the reader in and helps them see the struggles of life from a much needed Biblical perspective. I love this book, and I highly recommend it to all readers who want to be inspired to get the most out of their lives.


Consistently and appropriately connecting our lives with the faith we profess is challenging but vital. Casey Ross provides excellent guidance in his book Life & Faith. Drawing from wide experience in his own life and ministry, he gives reliable wisdom for overcoming the complications of faith and culture, taking the necessary steps to grow personal faith. We all want to leave a legacy of untarnished respect and purpose. For anyone serious about translating that hope into reality, this book will assist in coupling words and actions for a productive and satisfying life.


I love meetings with my friend and co-worker Casey Ross. I know every meeting will include a good story or two, a laugh (usually at his expense), and some really great but practical advice or next steps. That’s what his new book feels like! So many times in life, we either over-complicate things and are paralyzed to take the next step or we settle because we think things are okay when just one extra step can turn the okay into the great! I think his new book could be the next step that many of us need to take!


I’ve been blessed to call Casey my boss, mentor, and, most importantly, friend. There are a few things you should know about him. He loves Jesus, Chick-fil-A, and people. In his book, Life & Faith, he recounts his personal experiences and shares how your next step could be one of the most important decisions of your entire life. You need to read this book!


In this book, Casey addresses a topic everyone can relate to….no matter where they are in their faith journey. He does so with humor, honesty, and personal stories. Filled with practical tips and thought-provoking questions, this book will benefit anyone struggling with their faith or wanting to grow their faith.

Derrick Hershey

This is a great read that is filled with many moments of laughing out loud while helping one to reflect deeply on their view of life. Casey’s ability to connect with the reader through his personal stories facilitates needed introspection in a practical and accessible way that will leave you thankful and ready to implement his tangible insights.

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